Senior Software Engineer - Sydney

  • Engineering
  • Sydney, Australia

Senior Software Engineer - Sydney

Job description

As a Software Engineer at Vibrato you'll work on site with our clients, designing and implementing strategies and solutions that move our clients towards modern application architecture. You’ll have a passion for learning new technologies and be an advocate for our principles; automate everything, everything as code, and collaboration between teams. You’ll demonstrate excellent software engineering practices. You’ll be able to represent us on site to clients, relating to people at all levels. You’ll have strong communication skills and a good grasp on how to balance progressive approaches with pragmatism.



* Work on site with clients, within Agile delivery teams to build innovative solutions aligned to business strategy and value.

* Implement changes to uplift the quality, security, concision and functionality of existing code for our clients.

* Build appropriate test automation to achieve robust code

* Ensure what we build can be run in production easily and as automated as possible.

* Utilise infrastructure as code, continuous integration and deployment to create scalable, reliable solutions.

* Be a thought-leader by continuous learning, study, certifications and participation in community events.




* Experience in polyglot development teams (.Net, NodeJS, Java, Ruby, Golang, Python)

* Experience with teaching, coaching or mentoring

* Ability to work in an Agile environment

* Careful attention to detail

* Working within CI/CD Environments

* Building testable code (unit testing/ mocking/ etc)

* Experience developing distributed cloud-native applications