Senior Front-End Developer - Melbourne

  • Engineering
  • Melbourne, Australia

Senior Front-End Developer - Melbourne

Job description

As a Front-End Engineer at Vibrato you'll work on site with our clients, designing and implementing exceptional user experiences. You’ll have a passion for learning new technologies and be an advocate for our principles of; innovative solutions, automation, and collaboration between teams. You’ll demonstrate strong design principles and technical excellence. You’ll be able to represent us on site to clients, relating to people at all levels and technical competency. You’ll have strong communication skills and a good grasp on how to balance progressive approaches with pragmatism.



* Work on site with clients, within Agile delivery teams to build innovative solutions aligned to business strategy and value.

* Creating visually striking web-based applications.

* Leverage modern techniques to provide responsive engaging experiences.

* Iterate over wireframe designs to explore business processes.

* Defining style-guides for web-applications.

* Be a thought-leader by continuous learning, study, certifications and participation in community events.



* Designing and implementing web-based single page applications (Vue.js, React)

* Setting up front end build pipelines (webpack, node.js) to streamline development.

* Programming experience in Javascript/Typescript, combined with a firm grip of CSS

* Integrating web-based applications with backend API services

* Experience with teaching, coaching or mentoring

* Ability to work in an Agile environment

* Building testable code (unit testing/mocking/etc)

* Working within CI/CD Environments